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Our company has been active since 1988 in the polyurethane sector with training and experience acquired from partners and collaborators in all its components and different uses, particularly in furniture and the medical sector; it manages the design and construction of models and moulds of different types suitable for the intended use.
The external collaboration from qualified model makers in the construction of models with specific functionality and high design required is excellent.
The company has an agile workflow based upon small, medium and large quantities; it supplies finished products of high quality in finish and painting of lacquered, metallised, wood grain or semi-finished products.
The company is constantly evolving and researching as well as experimenting with new resins to offer modern alternatives in step with the times and reality


Pol Sistem is capable of meeting the needs of the companies that use polyurethane in their projects. Continuous research in improving both technology and production makes our company a landmark for companies and design agencies aiming to propose and use this material


The years of experience gained and the constant search for innovation in both products and processes encourage the company to continue growing on increasingly innovative markets and finding new applications for its products. Quality and service make the company an added value. Our production is destined for the furniture, medical, naval and coffee machine sectors.
Our goal is to meet customers’ requests and expectations with regard to features, reliability and compliance with delivery times, and increase collaboration, involvement of all staff and continuous staff training


A malleable, light and resistant material that gives full freedom to designers, thanks to its resistance to stress and pressure

One of the greenest material owing to its high recyclability that allows reusing non-new material for new projects and creations

High- performance material, particularly suitable where ergonomics, compactness, mechanical strength and impact resistance are required

Mainly used in the forniture sector as it is possible to create both large and small elements

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